Sunday, May 4, 2014

"You Mean The Static ??" - GEAR

Digitech Grunge Distortion

Very minimal set-up for these recordings, Grunge is the only distortion. As you can see in the pic I always set the "grunge" knob to a minimum because I think it gives too much of an electronic sound to the output when it's on... maybe that's just me though..

The "problem" I have with distos like the Grunge or the DM is that you need to push the bass in order to make the mids really crackle or coalesce into something interesting wall-wise, and my EQ is apparently not good enough to cut all these bass frequencies out when I want the crunch only.. Maybe I just need a new EQ.. 

Anyway, the Grunge pedal is a great piece of gear that I've neglected for too long.

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