Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Little Fuzzy Things

Static Park - Little Fuzzy Things

Yes, still obsessing over this song and especially its introductory guitar sound... I know J Mascis is a Fuzz guy and so am I. These recordings were made using my new Dream Crusher Fuzz pedal, courtesy of EarthQuaker Devices. Nothing else really, except the Super Crunch Box by MI Audio to beef up the sound, octaver to get some bass + EQ.

I experimented a little with the sources. Track 2 is ''classic'' HNW rumble, using a radio tuned to static as sound. However for tracks 1 and 3 I used a piezo mic taped to the radio. The mic catches the static so it still sounds wallish to me, but it also catches my movements + how they affect the radio signal (there are so many stations it's almost impossible to get ''pure'' static from the radio, not even something really atonal...)

In a nutshell, I fucked around with it just enough to get some breaks and feedback from the thing.

You can listen / download from the Static Park Bandcamp

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