Saturday, May 17, 2014

Night Action

Static Park - Night Action

Yet another ''Noise-Hop'' (?) track, I could have put them together but the truth is I really wasn't planning to do another one so soon. However, I got the inspiration this morning to do just this= how it feels to walk in the lonely streets all night long, not sad but in a kind of frenzy.. kind of a cliché I know but that's how I felt.

On the techy side, the beat was done with a (sampled) Oberheim DX, which was the drum-machine used in the 1st ever digital reggae riddim back in.. 1984 ? and produced by King Jammy (he was Prince Jammy back then but the digital thing made him King eh...) It was also widely used in Hip-Hop and has this extremely old-school flavor. I played electric bass and melodica (another nod to dub, more specifically Augustus Pablo) added a chopped-up vynil scratch and that's it for the beat. 

The noise part is Dream Crusher fuzz + Metal Zone with bass and high cut off and mid at maximum with distortion at medium. Like last time, lots of Reverb (Boss). I played this set up with the piezo mic in order to get some feedback. Didn't have to transpose it digitally this time as it was already in the right key..

Listen / Download here

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