Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lay Delay Lay / Memory Boy by Electro-Harmonix

Static Park - Lay Delay Lay

1st of all sorry about the awful pun in the title of this one.. I'm a Dylan fan and this came up, usually once a bad pun comes up I know I'm gonna have to use it eventually.
There's a reason for this title though= I've got a Memory Boy by Electro-Harmonix !
I bought this because, well, I didn't have a delay pedal yet, and as I said in a previous post I've been listening to A LOT of harsh noise lately and I started really noticing the heavy use of delay. 

For my first session I wanted to try it out in a "wall" context but nevertheless decided to use the piezo mic as source to be able to make "short" sounds and see the delay's potential better.
I hesitated a second between the Memory Boy and its "nano" version, the Memory Toy, but the man who sold it to me told me I wouldn't be able to feed the delay into itself unto madness as I would with the big boy. With only a 15 euros difference, I took the latter.
I never really understood the point of delays in HNW as the idea of wall-making in my opinion is to create an auditory illusion of movement when there is none. Using a delay comes as a kind of contradiction because = 1) it would be cheating and 2) it would detract the mind from the illusion the wallmaker crafted by adding artificial, recognizable layers of hypnotic sound.. don't know if I'm clear here.. but I'm sure you get the idea.
With all this said, I still wanted a delay because Static Park is all about breaking the rules I made for myself with noise, and I plan on using the delay for harsh noise and drone. I'm sure It'll work wonders within those genres.
Of course, I'll try wall-making with it again, this time using an already static source ie white noise.
"Bat Radar" is an excerpt from my 1st recording session with the Memory Boy by Electro-Harmonix. Source is Piezo mic through Fairfield 4 Eyes and Proco Rat Distortion. "Toy" is sampled drums + piezo mic taped to acoustic guitar through MI Super Crunch Box + extra layer of noise with the Crunch Box gain all the way up.

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