Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fuzzy Thing= Dream Crusher

Dream Crusher by EarthQuaker Devices
Of course it's not as versatile as my other Fuzz pedals, you can really do lots of things with a Fuzz Factory or a 4 Eyes which you can't with this one. It's got only two knobs, volume and amount of fuzz. That's it, no filters, gates, nothing... But the sound !! It's deliciously warm and full, perfect for the kind of sound I'm after these days, like the tiny bit of distortion after the final chord of a lofi rock concert, but which would last forever.. or 10 minutes at least. For the moment I've replaced the Zvex with this one to experiment with it. I don't think I'll get some sharp crackling out of it, but pairing it with the Metal Zone I could get some nice flow and sludge.

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