Monday, May 19, 2014

Lex EP

Static Park - Lex EP

Not really an EP come to think of it, more like a 7'' but I'd feel silly calling a Bandcamp "release" a 7''..? Anyway, 2 short tracks here: "Make The Bat Drink" is straight up static noise with different textures juxtaposed. It was made with the piezo mic into the Fuzz Factory + Super Crunch Box + Rat pedal. The intro is the Crunch Box with the gain overblown (Rat switched off). The rest is different settings of the Rat pedal with the "crunch" at a minimum. "Don't Forget" is more acoustic guitar playing on top of two layers of noise. The "crunch" part is Fuzz Factory + Super Crunch Box and I use the Boss Pitch Shifter with a medium setting, before it gets all electronic-sounding. The feedback is the same with the gain of the Crunch Box at maximum level, not moving the piezo mic too much. I did a lot of transposing on the computer for this 2nd track, not so much to get it "in key" as there is so much feedback it would be impossible, but to muddy-up the sound. 

As usual, listen / download from Bandcamp

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