Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Static Park presents Synaptic Static compilation

Shortly after I started posting the noise ''questionnaires'' on this blog a couple people suggested I should do a comp sometimes. It thought that was a nice idea so here is Synaptic Static, the 1st compilation presented by Static Park.

For this comp I wanted to gather good projects that are new(ish) to me and with whom I've had some kind of ''real'' interaction, like releasing something by/for them, doing a split together, trading or even simply discussing noise...

For some reason I had in mind a comp that would run like a ''traditionnal'' album, meaning 12 tracks of 3-5 minutes. I'd like people to be able to listen to the whole thing in one sitting and then investigate further the projects they've liked the most.

Here's the line-up and track-listing (click on the project's name for link):

01 - Sogra - Exhalation
02 - Barrier Of Dark Leaves - Barrier 5
03 - Belphegore - Hunting For Bitches
04 - EON - Prison De Glace
05 - Neighbor's Nightshade - Mattress Dissolve
06 - Starr Party - Think Straight
07 - Angel Of Mercy - I Seek Forgiveness, So That I May Join The Righteous When I Die
08 - Static Park - Street Spirit
09 - Uv Ursa Spr - Dismorphing Pleasure
10 - Parpita - From Under Ice
11 - Velfaerd - Vaek
12 - Poète Maudit - Art Is Going To Sleep For A New World To Be Born

So there, enjoy these 12 noisy fruits, each has grown on a branch of the big noise tree.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Noise / HNW Playlist for the summer w/ links

01 - Merzbow - Collapse 12 Floors - [OHM] Records – 2000 - CD
02 - Lockweld - 8 Cuts - NCC – 2003 – LP
03 - Merzbow - 13 Japanese Birds -Vol 4 - Karasu - Important Records – 2009 - CD
04 - Illicit Relationship - Flauting - Axis Mundi – 2010 - Bandcamp
05 - An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter - Les Yeux Cernés - Deadline Recordings – 2014 – 8xCD
06 - Natural Nihilismo - Zé Ninguém - Plataforma Records – 2014 - Download
07 - Purging Light - Absconded / Slug Hands - Self-Released – 2014 – Bandcamp
08 - The Rita - Ballet Feet Positions - Old Europa Cafe - Elettronica Radicale Edizioni – 2014 - CD
09 - Threeonameathook - First Kill - Deadline Recordings – 2014 - Bandcamp
10 - Wet Dream Asphyxiation & Servant Girl Annihilator - Funeral - Self-Released – 2014 - Bandcamp

Saturday, July 19, 2014

"Cruel Mutação" HNW 2xCDr set

Static Park - Cruel Mutação - Self-Released

Well here it is, 2 CDrs of brand new material, nearly 2 hours of straight HNW divided into 9 walls and built as the soundtrack to an imaginary zombie movie.

Double DVD box, includes one new Static Park sticker.

trade or sale

price is 4 E + postage (1.50 E France / 2 E Europe / 3 E World)

Paypal is: inkrunsrecordings-AT-gmail-DOT-com

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Static Park Questionnaire 14 - Carrion Black Pit

 Carrion Black Pit

01 What is your name / age / nationality ?
Elias Cheika Jr / 30 years old / I'm from Brazil, born in the south but now located in São Paulo Harsh Noise City.
02 How did you get into noise ?
I was always interested in various genres of music, with a rock oriented backbone, but my first music memories are from my father listening to Kraftwerk. I think I discovered Merzbow thru Mike Patton, searching for his side projects, but I really didn't "get it". Then, digging deep on Piero Scaruffi list of best rock albums, I ended up listening to stuff like Foetus, Captain Beefheart, Faust, Royal Trux, Butthole Surfers, Suicide... Parallel to that I was making eletronic music very influenced by Kraftwerk, Prodigy, Venetian Snares and perhaps even more by movie soundtracks from Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, Morricone, John Carpenter. It was funny to listen to something like Vampire Rodents or Foetus and see similarities to the stuff I was doing without prior knowledge of that.

Then I listened to The Residents intensively and SPK Information Overload Unit and everything started to make more sense. Pulse Demon was then the great revelation, followed by Incapacitants, Guilty Connector... For HNW I must name The Rita Bodies Bear Traces Of Carnal Violence as the gateway, along with various material by Werewolf Jerusalem. I also must say that I am a metalhead (for better or worse), so, my "metal taste" was getting extreme along the way and that surely contributed to this process (Napalm Death, Godflesh, black metal, etc). Making my own noise consolidated this journey.

03 How did you choose the name of your project / What does it mean to you ?

Carrion Black Pit is an expression I found while researching Lovecraft and John Carpenter (both masters), it is present in the (great) movie In The Mouth of Madness. Sleep of Ages is one name I came up with, without any background, formely a possible name for my thrash metal band. I also have the EXU project, more in the PE/Industrial vein. That name came from Macumba and it's "deities".

04 Which one of your releases would make the best entry point into your work ?

Well, that is like asking what is your favorite son... It is a problem to name a release because I usually like to have varied approaches to noisemaking. But, I will not stay on the fence. I'll narrow down to releases I made available for free on my Bandcamp pages: For Sleep of Ages, a very "schizo" project (harsh noise, industrial, drone, PE, collage, whatever), I would recommend Serenades For The Unbaptized Recently Deceased, that is short and covers a lot of ground.

Then perhaps one of the Pepla albums (Sword and Sandals or Peplum) that were my first, more raw, direct and still a little HNW infused albums. Man, I must update that page...

For Carrion Black Pit, even if the project ends up being more focused than SoA, there are still variations on it. Mythos is perhaps best for straight HNW obliteration. Anatomy Studies tackles with more progressive (?) HNW, ANW...

Then, for something closer to where I am now, The Fourth Wall incorporates both aspects and use it on some kind of "narration" form, as absurd as it may sound.

For EXU, well, I got a free album on bandcamp that I am not 100% happy with  it is too long and diluted perhaps. But a lot of the ideas I wanna explore and further develop are there.

For a better presentation I must direct you to my recent split with Shiver, on Diazepam Records. Way more focused and closer to what I want from the project.

I will be uploading more material on the next weeks on both CBP and SoA pages.

05 How do you record ? (live, sequencing, multi-tracking etc..)

I used line to my PC Audio Interface, line in to my 4-Track Tape Recorder, and Amp to both. I usually edit and layer sounds on software, but sometimes I use a whole live session or part of it. I really enjoy experimenting with every part of the process, so, I don't follow a strict Modus Operandi.

06 What is your favorite piece of gear ?

I enjoy Boss distortion pedals a lot (Metal Zone, Heavy Metal, Hyper Metal, Mega Distortion), as I do my Capitol Punishment Utopia, and more recently my Miniak (thanks A LOT Xdugef). But, if I take in consideration what I most used, I should say cheap microfones, cheap Behringer mixer and my throat.

07 Do you play live ? How is it different from your releases ?

I played like just once, and I should do it more. I played as Sleep of Ages, tried to follow some "script" and it ended up being "dance noise" according to my good friend Jhones (from God Pussy).

You can watch it HERE 
08 Who would you like to collab / make a split with ?

I like to do collabs with non established people, newcomers, or just "working class" like myself (not in terms of quality, but "hype"/renown, there are plenty of unsung heroes of noise). I mean, that's the people I usually ask to do a split with, I just despise this "marketing strategy" of doing lots of splits with big names to gather attention quickly and cheaply. I strayed from this path once and I feel really bad for it. That being said, I have no problem at all if someone ask me to do a split with them, or if the label suggest me someone that myself would not contact for being "too big". Like, I was floored when Dustin (from Crown of Bone, Occult Supremacy Records) suggested a CBP split with Vomir  that was great, made me feel awesome to have my project along such an incredible artist and great person.

09 Do you listen to other types of sound/music ? Which ones ?

As I said above, yes. All kinds. Really.

10 What is your favorite record at the moment ?

My playlist changes every week. lately I've been listening to a lot of Kyuss, Pinkish Black, raw black metal (Bone Awl, Akitsa, old Mayhem...), Sleaford Mods, Wormed, Deathspell Omega, Portal and blackened hardcore (or something like that) like Black Anvil, Enabler. Moz from TEETH ENGRAVED WITH THE NAMES OF THE DEAD just showed me this Ninika 2012 EP of his that is awesome, lots of Khanate/Gnaw vibes in there.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Planet Of The Red-Masked Wallers on B/C

So as I told you in a previous post I'm reading a kind of encyclopedia of exploitation movies. I must say I've already seen a good part of these movies but it's always nice to read about something you love. Anyway, the book inspired me for this release again, more specifically old-school SF/Horror  movies such as Mario Bava's Terrore Nello Spazio

However, the titles are also a reference to The Masque Of The Red Death by Roger Corman. I made my own little mix here...

Anyway, here's the gear I used:

Ghost Star Ship=
Bass-boosted, pitch-shifted white noise + 4 Eyes + Harmonise + Death Metal + Boss Reverb + EQ

Exploring Planet Z= 
White noise + Dream Crusher + Harmonise + Grunge + Octave + Memory Boy + EQ
Encounter With The Space Vampires= 
Pitch-shifted (very high) white noise + Fuzz Factory + Grunge + Memory Boy + Reverb (Hall setting, max resonnance) + EQ
Total Mutation= 
Piezo mic + Dream Crusher + 4 Eyes + Rat + Octave + Memory Boy + Reverb + EQ
Take-Off Before Explosion= White noise + 4 Eyes + Harmonise + Grunge + Octave + EQ

One more thing, for ''Exploring Planet Z'' and ''Total Mutation'' the bass is actually the sound of a malfunctioning cable I plugged in the line-in of the computer, recorded a minute and then time-streched.
Thanks to Jux for the inspiration for the cover !

Listen / Download HERE