Saturday, May 17, 2014

Review of Belphegore / Static Park split on WNA in CAUTION FALLING PLYWOOD

Belphegore / Static Park - Split - Wall Noise Action - 2014

Read it here

I'm very happy about the review and I must say it's nice to see more people writing about static noise in general. Check the blog out, there are also interviews, the last one with a new fav of mine, Angel Of Mercy.

Speaking of ''HNW journalism" I must mention the wonderful work Roger Batty does at musique [machine] lots of interviews (including one with me when I called myself Ghost and ran Slow Death Records) and pretty much every physical release within the genre gets reviewed eventually. So if you don't know M[M] and are interested in static noise, run!

Another place worth mentioning is Memory Wave Transmission where Ryne does reviews of (mostly) HNW.

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