Friday, May 16, 2014

90's Hip-Hop Playlist

Here's my playlist for 90's Hip-Hop, my favorite era given my old age (although many young people seem to be listening to this stuff now...) I also say ''Hip-Hop'' and not ''Rap'' because it seems to me in the 90's music was still a part of the culture, as opposed to just trying to find a good hook for a song to hit the pop charts.. I'm not bitter though, it was good while it lasted and I listen to a ton a contemporary stuff from Atlanta or Chicago so...

A couple more things about this playlist, I left out the Wu-Tang stuff which obviously belongs here because I've maybe listened to it a bit too much, furthermore I suppose everybody knows their music from that era even when they're not familiar with rap, so I've favored some stuff I consider classic but didn't ''overdo'' as much. You might notice I included lots of songs that were featured in Larry Clark movies. That's because he's a genius.

Playlist is in chronological + alphabetical order within the years. Here we go:

01. 1993 - A Tribe Called Quest - ''Oh My God''

02. 1993 - KMD - ''What A Nigga Know''

03. 1994 - Artifacts - ''Wrong Side Of Da Tracks''

04. 1994 - Brand Nubian - ''Word Is Bond''

05. 1994 - Jeru The Damaja - ''My Mind Spray''

06. 1994 - O.C. - ''Time's Up''


07. 1995 - KRS-One - ''De Automatic''

08. 1996 - Mobb Deep - ''Extortion'' (Feat. Method Man)

09. 1997 - Company Flow - ''Vital Nerve''

10. 1997 - Rakim - ''New-York''

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