Monday, June 23, 2014

The Static Park Questionnaire 06 - Nascitari


01 What is your name / age / nationality ?

Lorenzo Abattoir, 26, Italian

02 How did you get into noise ?

I have listened to a lot of raw black metal and once I found a split release between Akitsa & Prurient. That was my first contact with harsh noise.

03 How did you choose the name of your project / What does it mean to you ?

Basically Nascitari means nothing, it's like a kind of paronomasia. The sequence of letters forms a combination between the words "born" & "reborn" in Italian : "nascita" & "rinascita". It's a representation of Ouroboros, the cyclical nature of things. For me it's a condition of life that you need to love; where suicide or any other kind of strong acts has no meaning except as a form of human aesthetics.

04 Which one of your releases would make the best entry point into your work ?

One of the first releases of the Nascitari project was in VHS tape format and was entitled VHNW. I think that was one of my best recordings, directly into the vhs tape recorder with analog audio and video.

05 How do you record ? (live, sequencing, multi-tracking etc..)

I record in different ways, depending on the project, concept , source, time & space, but in general I use an old reel to reel magnetophone to finalize my sound material.

06 What is your favorite piece of gear ?

Animal bones & DOD buzz box.

07 Do you play live ? How is it different from your releases ?

Yes, I frequently play live shows. Everything is different. My releases are usually studio works based on sound detailing through analog & digital ways. Whereas when I'm playing live I like to recreate the sound starting from zero. I like to improvise with space & time or change my set-up during the performance. I don't like to have a rigid structure in my live sessions.

08 Who would you like to collab / make a split with ?

I've just done a collaboration project with Hermann Kopp, called Psicopompo. That had been my wish for a long time and I can't ask for nothing more, although I'm always open to new collaborations and splits.

09 Do you listen to other types of sound/music ? Which ones ?

Absolutely, I listen to a lot of experimental jazz, neoclassical , neofolk, movie soundtracks & also raw black metal. I really like the new experimental music scene in general; in my opinion labels such as Denovali / Tumult / Greytone produce a lot of amazing contemporary works.

10 What is your favorite record at the moment ?

… Maybe the 7" of Phew "Finale/Urahara"…but it's a very difficult question, I don't have a precise answer.

The Nascitari blog is HERE

And HERE is Lorenzo Abattoir's blog.

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