Monday, June 23, 2014

Rhe Bum Days EP

Rhe Bum Days consists in 4 experiments around static noise.
"The Bat Must Rest"
After "Bat Radar" and "Make The Bat Drink" here's a new one in my bat series... What can I do ? The sound of delays makes me think of bats... 
The set-up for this one was=
White noise => Dream Crusher + 4 Eyes + Harmonise + Memory Boy + Reverb + EQ
The little "trick" is that the 4 eyes is set at maximum compression to create this tense bassline, the rest is up to the memory boy.
"Crunch The Skank"
The idea was to mix a minimal dub drum track with some crunch.
As usual the beat is made out of processed samples. I used a lot of phasing FX on the drums to create the sounds.
The crunch is made with this set-up:
White noise => Fuzz Factory + 4 Eyes + Super Crunch Box + Harmonise + Memory Boy + EQ

"Chunks Of Dirt"

Another noise-hop track. The vocal sample is from Ol' Dirty Bastard's track "Rollin' Wit You" (album is Nigga Please, Elektra, 1999). I love ODB and this album is very nice but it's difficult for me to listen to it because he sometimes sounds like he's suffering and I get the feeling that the people who put him in the studio at this moment were exploiting him. Is it wrong to listen to someone who is not playing with madness anymore but surely loosing it completely, live ? It's ironic considering the amount of exploitation movies I've watched, but in this case I think ODB was not acting.

Anyways, the rest of the beat was made by pitch-shifting most of the drums - 1 octave and doubling that with the original sample I love the snare sound I got that way.

The high pitched sound is actually me breathing against the piezo mic.

There is also some electric guitar in there (the 2 distorted notes)

For both of these the set-up is=

Fuzz Factory + 4 Eyes + Super Crunch Box + Harmonise + Memory Boy + Reverb + EQ
When I did the breathing thing the gain of the Crunch Box was obviously way high as to make some noise and the reverb was set on hall at maximum level because, well, I have limited breathe.

"Weird Machine"

This one is a room recording with some reverb added. I did a lot of noise reduction on it to get rid of the hiss and then did a low pass filter on the reverb to get that muffled sound. The bassy sound is the same source pitched-down + hard limiter + reverb.

The feedback is

Fuzz Factory + 4 Eyes + Super Crunch Box + Reverb + EQ, pitched down a little to fit the bass.

Listen / Download HERE


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