Sunday, June 29, 2014

Apartment Therapy on Dream Noise Records

Static Park - Apartment Therapy - Dream Noise Records

I'm really happy to announce the release of my new album on the great Brazilian netlabel Dream Noise Records. I have discovered some fine artists through this label, such as Noise Machine which is the project of Marcelo França who runs the label, or Enxame, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale and God Pussy, the last two having answered a Static Park Questionnaire recently.

So, Apartment Therapy is 3 tracks of static noise with harsh noise passages, and it was mainly done with my new set-up which is:

piezo mic => Dream Crusher + 4 Eyes + Harmonist + Super Crunch Box + Rat Pedal + Octave One + Boss Reverb & EQ

You can download the album HERE

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