Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Static Storm

I read a comment yesterday from Sleep Of Ages (a mighty waller, if you're not familiar with him do yourself a favour and check out some of his stuff from his B/C) on the HNW Forum saying how he missed people using sources other than static for their HNW. I kind of agree, as other sources offer, if not unpredictability as long as they are recorded, a loss of control over the resulting wall which can be interesting, as well as a variety of textures. Using non-static sources can force you to deal with sounds you wouldn't have considered with the comfort of a white noise generator.

It happens that there was a big storm over Paris yesterday night, so I jumped out of my bed to record it (with my faithful Sony MRZ Hi-MD). The only problem I ever had with it is that Windows 7 doesn't seem to support Sonic Stage, the software used to extract ATRAC files, anymore. So I just use an old PC... Of course this morning I ran the recordings through my set-up. I had recorded 4 sections of the storm, so I used 4 different main distortions to treat each one of them.
The main set-up is:
Minidisc => Dream Crusher => 4 Eyes => Harmonist => Distortion => Octave One => Memory Boy => EQ
Distortions are:
"In The Air" = Super Crunch Box
"Shower" = Rat
"Clap" = Grunge
"Hard Rain" = Super Crunch Box

Listen/Download HERE

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