Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Static Park Questionnaire 05 - God Pussy

God Pussy

01 What is your name / age / nationality ?

Jhones / 1989 / Bra$il

02 How did you get into noise ?

I always had connections with punk and hardcore music, then with time I started hearing more and more grindcore, noisegrind ... I remember the blogs I used also had some HNW. I must confess I did not understand anything the first time, it was something disturbing my mind. Then I spent almost every day delving into this sound and getting to know other projects in the line of harsh-noise.

03 How did you chose the name of your project / What does it mean to you ?

Hard to say, because the name was chosen because of my Goregrind influences. I wanted a name that would cause some amazement from the start. I've had many issues and discussions because of it : people calling me sexist, some boycotting my releases, accusing me of blasphemy... I love the name, but it's just a noise project's name ! God Pussy is not sexism nor blasphemy. It is not even music, just a manifestation ... But see it as you want.

04 Which one of your releases would make the best entry point into your work ?

My first one, L'arte Dei Rumori, dedicated to Luigi Russolo, from start to start. It's not only a dedication, I tried to feel what he felt in his work, so I chose a metallurgical start my journey. The album was created with the sounds of machinery.

05 How do you record? (live, sequencing, multi-tracking etc..)

It depends on the moment. I'll almost always use pedals, synth, oscillators and never forget the contact-mics.

06 What is your favorite piece of gear ?

Amplified objects (preferably metal), Grunge FX 69B, Digitech Death Metal, Buzz Box, noise generators. These I never let out !

07 Do you play live ? How is it different from your releases ?

When I perform, I try to be as noisy as possible, abusing the contact mics... Whereas with albums I always work with concepts, maintaining an aesthetic and working with the information I possess on my chosen subject.

08 Who would you like to collab / make a split with ?

I'm already very happy to have worked with monsters of noisy music such as Gx Jupitter-Larsen, AjaxFree, Kylie Minoise, Richard Ramirez, Armenia, Napalmed, Vulgar Disease and others who have influenced and continue to influence me to this day.

09 Do you listen to other types of sound/music ? Which ones ?

Sure, I love to hear the work of Bezerra da Silva, Antonio Vivaldi, Cartola and of course I listen to grindcore, rap, hardcore... All of these music have some content and do not settle with the mediocre lives we live.

10 What is your favorite record at the moment ?

Abesta -Tosco
Noise Machine - Gallery Of Murderers
Merzbow - Fantail
Carrion Black Pit - Architect Of Ruins

There are so many more!! These are the ones I put on quite often. You can hear great works from contemporary musicians, simply log into these pages:

God Pussy's Blog is HERE

The Dissonance From Hell blog is HERE

and HERE is God Pussy's Facebook page.


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