Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Static Park presents Synaptic Static compilation

Shortly after I started posting the noise ''questionnaires'' on this blog a couple people suggested I should do a comp sometimes. It thought that was a nice idea so here is Synaptic Static, the 1st compilation presented by Static Park.

For this comp I wanted to gather good projects that are new(ish) to me and with whom I've had some kind of ''real'' interaction, like releasing something by/for them, doing a split together, trading or even simply discussing noise...

For some reason I had in mind a comp that would run like a ''traditionnal'' album, meaning 12 tracks of 3-5 minutes. I'd like people to be able to listen to the whole thing in one sitting and then investigate further the projects they've liked the most.

Here's the line-up and track-listing (click on the project's name for link):

01 - Sogra - Exhalation
02 - Barrier Of Dark Leaves - Barrier 5
03 - Belphegore - Hunting For Bitches
04 - EON - Prison De Glace
05 - Neighbor's Nightshade - Mattress Dissolve
06 - Starr Party - Think Straight
07 - Angel Of Mercy - I Seek Forgiveness, So That I May Join The Righteous When I Die
08 - Static Park - Street Spirit
09 - Uv Ursa Spr - Dismorphing Pleasure
10 - Parpita - From Under Ice
11 - Velfaerd - Vaek
12 - Poète Maudit - Art Is Going To Sleep For A New World To Be Born

So there, enjoy these 12 noisy fruits, each has grown on a branch of the big noise tree.

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