Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sample Park - Handmade Beats = a collection of hip-hop instrumentals FREE DL

Sample Park - Handmade Beats

Here is something different.. I made a selection from the zillions of Hip-Hop instrumentals I made these last months with a sampler and an electric bass. These are pretty lo-fi Boom-Bap beats, full of jazz and weird samples so I decided to « release » them under the Sample Park banner because there simply is no static here. At least no voluntary static..

I think I've got some more stuff like this in me for the future but I'll be back to HNW pretty soon... In the meantime : This is what it is...

The collection can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp. Enjoy !

PS : If you want to use one of these for whatever reason, just mention my name somewhere and link me up. THX

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